Woman surprises boyfriend dressed as Amazon employee and he has no idea it’s her

A woman was left in hysterics after she surprised her long-distance boyfriend – and he had no idea it was her.

Niki was on the flight to Chicago to surprise her boyfriend of one year for his birthday when she came up with the idea to pose as an Amazon employee.

Dressed head to toe in dark clothes, which she accessorised with sunglasses, a face mask, a hat, and gloves she walked up to her boyfriend and handed him a parcel and a letter to sign which said: “sign here lil b**ch.”

After signing for his goods, he thanked her and went to walk back indoors until he noticed Niki’s sister recording from behind a parked car.

At which point he starts laughing, thinking that the letter he had to sign was the prank.

Niki can be seen hysterically laughing too, but it seems he didn’t quite get the joke.

She ended up playing the part so well, that her boyfriend had no idea who she was.

From behind the camera, Niki’s sister asked “who is that?” but he just shrugged and said he was “so confused”.

Eventually, Niki took off her disguise, leading her boyfriend to burst into laughter and hug her.

The video, which later went viral on TikTok ( @niki.bayat ) with 4.1 million views, was captioned: “Disguised myself a little too well…”

Since being posted, the video has racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and comments from people who said they “let this go on for way too long.”

One person said: “Bruh. I don’t know why this is so funny to me.”


A third commented: “I was like girl take your mask and hat off of course he doesn’t recognise you.”

“This was literally so painful to watch,” said a fourth.

Meanwhile, a woman who travelled the distance to surprise her boyfriend was forced to defend her relationship after his reaction caused TikTok users to believe he was being shady.

In the clip, a friend leads the girl, Lauren, into the apartment where her boyfriend Robbie and his friends were.

When he noticed her walking over to him, he kind of stared at her in shock before she pulls him in for a hug.