Mum who smokes weed when kids are asleep says it’s the same as drinking wine

A mum who smokes weed when her kids are asleep says it’s no different to drinking wine and other parents need to normalise cannabis use.

Instagram star Nicole, @mostlywatermama, said that some may choose to judge her for her lifestyle choice but she doesn’t see a problem with it.

It is believed that the young mum is from Florida where cannabis is legal with a medical marijuana card, but her post has still sparked debate on social media.

Nicole said that mothers were already judged enough, and many of her followers rushed to her defence in the comments and said that however she chose to unwind was fine with them.

Taking to Instagram, Nicole said: “How you choose to unwind after bedtime is your business. The important thing is that you do.

“So if alcohol is your thing, then do you boo, but don’t come at me for getting back to basics.”

Nicole went on to say that not enough mums are supporting cannabis use, adding that “we’re judged already”.

She added: “So can we all finally agree to stop bashing something that’s been legalised in over half the country?

“Whether it’s recreational or medicinal, we support it!”

One woman supported her post, and said: “I know I’d prefer to bump into someone stoned having a giggle than someone drunk and aggressive.”

Another added: “Would rather be with the cannabis moms than the winos.”

Meanwhile, another young mum said she lets her three-year-old child swear and she gets labelled a ‘bad mum’ by other parents she meets because of it.

TikTok star Chelsey, @ chelseybanker, shared a video with her fans – saying that other mothers don’t want to be her friend after the learn about her relaxed style of parenting.

Her post attracted a lot of attention and received a flurry of comments, mostly from divided parents as many said that they too would be shocked to hear a young child swear.

Chelsey then shared another video giving more context, saying that some words were out of bounds and that there were rules around what her child could say, and when.