Woman issues warning about chilling ‘tactic used to attack drivers’

A woman has issued a stark warning to drivers who see bins in the middle of the road.

Izzy was driving home from work in the early hours of the morning when she saw a bin blocking the road in front of her.

Out of instinct, she said she got out of her car to move it out of the way thinking it was a prank.

But it was only when she heard rustling and saw people coming out of an alley beside her, that she realised it was a “tactic to get people out of their car for god knows what reason.”

She shared the warning on her TikTok account, ( @izzyboyle ), to encourage people to drive into the bin rather than to get out and move it out of the way.

Speaking in her video, she said: “I was driving through Peckham last night at about 2am and I think that everyone should be aware of this, especially women.

“I came across, there was an island in the middle of the road and there was a bin on either side of it so that no cars could pass through either lane.

“I thought this was just a prank so I got out to move the bin. As soon as I got out I heard rustling and I looked over and there were people coming out of a side alley.

“I jump back in my car and I thought oh my god this is actually a tactic to get people out of their car for god knows what reason but whatever it is it’s not a good reason.

“So I just want everyone to be aware if you see a bin in the road or whatever, turn around, push it with your car just do not get out.”

Since being posted, the video has amassed thousands of likes and comments from people thanking Izzy for sharing the warning.

One person said: “Adding this to the list of things to be scared of as a woman. Sick of it.”

Another simply wrote: “We are tired.”

“Thanks for telling us,” said a third.

While someone else explained that the same thing happened to her in Croydon, in South East London, but instead of getting out, she drove into them.