Creepy man follows scared woman home for 5 miles just to ‘tell her she’s pretty’

A young woman has been left incredibly shaken after a bizarre encounter with a strange man resulted in him following her home.

TikTok user Kenny ( @buzzcutkenny ) had no idea she was even being followed, until she pulled into the car park of her apartment block, only to be blocked in by a random car which had a strange man in it.

Taking to the app, Kenny began explaining: “At this point, I’m sorry but men should not have rights.

“I’m sorry but listen to what happened. I’m adding this to my series of out-of-pocket s*** that men have done. It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these.”

“So I just got home and there was a car who pulled up behind me, right, which is fine because I live in an apartment complex and that’s normal,” she continued.

“But this car wedges itself between me and the parking garage, and there’s a man in it. He motions for me to roll my window down, so I did and I was like ‘Can I help you?'”

The man proceeded to ask Kenny if she lived in the apartment block, to which she lied and told him ‘no.’ He then went on to ask whether she was from Austin, prompting her to tell another lie and say she was visiting a friend for her own safety.

She added: “He says ‘I’ve been following you for five miles’ because he saw me at a stoplight and wanted to tell me I was pretty. In what f***ing world is that appropriate?”

Sadly, while people were horrified of the details of Kenny’s experience, many people shared stories of equally disturbing experiences they’ve been through.

“I had a man stop in the lane in front of my bicycle at 10pm. He rolls down his window and asked if I ride this way every night. I said no,” one TikTok commented.

Another added: “Not sure how I stumbled on this side of TikTok but this is the sixth story that has similarly disturbing details.”

“This is like straight up stalking,” a third wrote. Yep, we couldn’t agree more – this is not okay.