How To Make Paper In Minecraft For Beginners

How To Make Paper

Ever Though of Making Paper in Minecraft? So Today we are Going To Show you How To Make Paper in Minecraft Easily. Just Follow The Steps Given Below and You’ll Be Amazed That How Easy it is.

Step By Step Guide To Make Paper In Minecraft

Step 1: Making a Crafting Table

Making a Crafting Table in Minecraft

The First Step To Make Paper is To Crafting Table which is the Most Essential Thing in Minecraft.

So For This Collect Some Wood By Chopping The Trees and Arrange 4 Cubes of Wood into Your Inventory Crafting (Like in The Image Above) and You’ll Get Your Own Made Crafting Table and Lets Move To Second Step.

Step 2: Collecting Suger Cane

Suger Cane Plant Minecraft

The Material needed To Make Paper in Minecraft is Sugar Cane and Sugar Cane Plant can Be Easily Found in Any Location.

Just Search For Sugar cane Plant and Chop Them Out and You’ll Get Sugar Canes in Your Inventory (If Not Sure How Sugar Cane Plant Look Like Just See The Above Image).

Step 3: Crafting Paper From Sugar Cane

Crafting Paper From Sugar Cane minecraft

The Final Step is To Craft Paper From Sugar Cane. You’ll Need 3 Sugar Canes To Make 1 Paper. Just Open The Crafting Table we Made in Step 1 and Arrange The 3 Sugar Canes Like in The Image Above and Click on Craft.

Boom You’re Done…You will get Paper in Your Inventory Make as Many as Paper You Want Now. See How Easy it is.

I Hope You Like The Tutorial of How To Make Paper In Minecraft. Also Checkout How To Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

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